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In accordance with the CARMO : Reference Framework for Educational Resources Access via MObile equipment published by French Ministry of Education .



Manage devices


Manage your devices either globally or individually,

Enlist your devices (1-Click)

Create profiles for ANDROID and diffuse technical settings (wifi …)

Ensure the safety of the environment and the protection of equipment,

Collect student lists (CSV lists …)

Schedule backups,

Deploy updates …




Manage Classroom


The answer to implementing technology in the classroom successfully

Organise and supervise, no matter whether a student is working on a computer or a tablet

Many types of activities adapted to what students need

Share any content, apps and web pages

Provide each student with a unique and tailored learning experience

Collect student work, and grading is made easier

The working tool is secure and adapted to what your students need

  • manage your digital files the easy way
  • broadcast any type of files: audio, video, pictures, manuals, exercises
  • roll out apps to tablets


So easy !


Wizzbe :

  •  You can work with any type of tablets : Android, iPad, Windows
  • You can work with external sources
  • Pedagogical protocols in conformity with CEFR
  • compatible with Moodle
  • compatible with ENT
  • You can import from or export to other e-learning platforms
  • Conformity with the instructions of the French Ministry of Education, 2012 …)