Wizzbe for Teachers


From a unique dashboard teachers can create lessons and diffuse it to students.

They share digital contents as videos, audio, internet links, texts, apps…

Thanks to the technical architecture of Wizzbe they never have problems with network during the lesson

What are the advantages of Wizzbe for Teachers ?





Wizzbe pink chipA dashboard

A unique dashboard allows the teacher to recuperate, create, share digital content.

He also supervise and evaluate students work

Wizzbe pink chipAll digital resources

All kind of digital resources can be manage with Wizzbe : audio, video, images, apps; internet links… Wizzbe converts resources to an adapted format to be read on all devices


Wizzbe pink chipActivities creator

Wizzbe allows  teachers to easily create graphics, recording, writting exercises

Puce rose WizzbeSerenity

The teacher prepares lessons and corrects students work from any device.
When the student connects to Wizzbe he finds all the documents, exercices and apps in his own space. He can work without wifi and internet. The device must just have been connected to synchronise and receive resources

Wizzbe pink chipDistribute resources

Wizzbe allows to easily distribute resources to one or a group of students.

The teacher has just to select resources and students to share resources


Puce rose WizzbeSimplicity

The teacher organizes his digital resources as if it was a Library : rays, shelves… He just has to drag and drop resources in his own Library.

Puce rose WizzbeEasy tu use

Resources are available only during the period the teacher choosed. At the end of the period they are automatically deleted without any action


Wizzbe pink chipConfortable Learning environment

The Wizzbe technical architecture ensures the continuity of the lessons regardless of the network quality in the school


Wizzbe pink chipDifferentiated learning

Teacher can provide different activities for students who complete work early or for students with Learning difficulties