Simply share digital resources

Wizzbe simplifies sharing of all digital contents : video, audio, text, apps, photo, pictures, digital textbooks…

All the resources can be deposited in the digital library by teachers, publishers, creators of digital content.

Then the teacher has just to diffuse to student, class, group for the period he chooses.

During this period the content will be available for the student whatever device (tablet, laptop…) he uses with or without Internet.

Advantages of sharing digital contents with Wizzbe


Comfort and time savings

The teacher distributes digital resources to a student, a group, or all students.

He chooses a period during which resources will be available.

At the end of the period the resources are automatically deleted without any further action.


Organization and serenity

The teacher prepares lessons and corrects his students work from any device.

When the student connects to Wizzbe,  the digital contents are disponibles in his space.

Students work during the the classe with or without Wifi and internet.


Access to publisher resources

Publisher can provide ressources (free or not) to schools.

These resources are synchronised every night with schools to be available for teachers and students in the school.