Wizzbe for school IT manager


The school IT manager manages all devices of one or several schools : computer, tablets (Android, Windows)..

He can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents.

He configures and manages all devices and apply profiles and generate using statistics

What are the advantages of Wizzbe for a school IT manager ?





blue chipSecurity

The school IT manager manages school’s tablets and computers. Data are centralized and stored on the school server.There are no risk of teachers and students data accidental loss or destruction.

blue chipAdministration

Wizzbe allows to manage different devices : Windows and Android tablets, laptops and fixed computers… Digital resources are automatically removed at the chosen date. That optimize network flows and storage memory


blue chipDevice profiles

Allow a massive devices management with the assignement of parameters and apps at all devices at yth same time

blue chipOptimized traffic

The client-server architecture of Wizzbe optimizes traffic on the local network and the internet

blue chipTime saving

Personnal spaces (media libraries) are automatically createdfor each teacher. Shared media libraries enable allows automatic distribution of apps and digital resources

blue chipAutomatic backups

The school IT manger chooses when and where backups are made

What are the advantages of Wizzbe for the IT manager of several schools ?


blue chipA single console

The IT manager can manage several schools with a single console. Configure profiles, follow and repare incidents

blue chipStatistics

The IT manager access to use and operating statistics from the console

blue chipApp Management

Manage Android and Windows apps

blue chipContent management

Digital ressources once distributed get automatic updates when a new version is available


blue chipLicenses

Licenses are buyed only one time. There are no subscription


blue chipProtect

The data can be  stocked on the server in each school  or on a central server for all schools